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Miami Gets Exited With Super Bowl LIV Halftime

The Dolphins have not been champions for 46 years, however, the city is preparing a great celebration.
On January 13, 1974, the Miami Dolphins lived their last excellent splendor in the NFL by winning their last Super Bowl at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas, but now, for Florida fans, it's time to get excited again.
It is not a secret that the state and, specifically, Miami is extremely Latin, virtually any type of language is spoken, however, the most frequent regardless of what is Spanish and that is also why the Hard Rock Stadium is the headquarters of the Season 100 Super Bowl in the NFL will have a really special flavor.
Jennifer López, of Puerto Rican descent and also Shakira from Colombia, have been the stars selected to sing in the halftime of the video game.
That is a city of visitors that gives a touch to other specials, as many foreign visitors are anticipated in the Super Sunday week and, therefore, there will be many tasks around one of the most vital events of the year for the NFL
From the beginning, residents across Miami are expected to be part of the Super Bowl LIV celebrations.
"It's not about cleaning beaches, but also being able to sign up with the volunteer team," said Gloria Garcés, director of corporate interactions at public events for the Super Bowl Host Committee, in statements to the Voice of America.
"We have hired even more than 10,000 volunteers who will receive more than 150,000 visitors," he said.
"Several occasions are being prepared around the Super Bowl, along with social initiatives with the environment, as well as with minority companies, with the aim of leaving a (social) legacy beyond this celebration," said the organizer.
However, on past occasions, the authorities and also security are an essential issue, with an operation that has been prepared for more than a year.
In addition, all permits will be suspended to ensure that 1,300 law enforcement officers will be under responsibility, uniformed and undercover to ensure the safety of the holidays. That will cover downtown Miami.
In the current days, the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, said that security in his territory "will certainly redouble" thinking of sports competitors, as well as events that have been videotaped between the East, as published by the 'Diario Las Américas'.
It is anticipated that the economic spill and also the help of global and local fans will reach not only Miami Dade County without Broward and Palm Beach.
But participating will also have its apartments in regards to money, since being in "three clearings" or the highest possible seats of Hard Rock Stadium will cost you $ 4,825.00, these being the cheapest.
Between zones they will cost you $ 7,238.00 dollars.
If what you are looking for is the optimal experience, super bowl streaming you will definitely be facing the field and also on the 50-yard line, so you can pay $ 1,888.
In addition to one of the most special seats, such as the 'Club lounge boxes' that can exceed $26 thousand dollars.
The capacity is 65 thousand fans who are in a multidisciplinary location, where tennis is played like football or the NFL, or there are concerts that entertain a population that is more than happy to relive an incredible Sunday.
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